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About Us

We are a counselling and assessment practice in Fort Langley serving the metropolitan Vancouver area, although most of our clients come from the Lower Mainland communities of Langley, Surrey and Abbotsford.  We also work with clients from the border communities of Washington, USA.

Our clinical team consists of Registered Psychologists (dually licensed in British Columbia and Washington State), Registered Clinical Counsellors, and a Canadian Certified Counsellor. Our team also includes an Educational Consultant who is a full-time school district psychologist who conducts private psychoeducational assessments.

We provide expert and compassionate treatment to our clients, offering multiple specialties across our team to service a broad range of needs facing adults, children and adolescents. Our clients are of all ages and backgrounds, and we have a special interest in working with people of faith.


Dr. Alex Kwee, R.Psych.

As an experienced clinical psychologist, I devote my work to helping people build resilience, heal the wounds of their psyche, and live meaningful lives. I do this through evidence-based psychotherapy integrated with an existential-spiritual approach…

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Dr. Janelle Kwee, R.Psych.

My greatest wish in my psychotherapy practice is to help people become more fully themselves, whether they are in a time of dark suffering, facing a particular challenge or transition, or intentionally seeking more for their journey…
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Dr. Derrick Klaassen, R.Psych.

In my psychotherapeutic practice for the past 10 years, I have had the privilege of working mostly with clients who are recovering from serious physical injuries or illnesses, including traumatic/acquired brain injuries and chronic pain….

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Dr. Jessie Wall, RCC

Although I integrate different modalities of therapy based on the needs of my clients, my approach is grounded in a style of therapy known as emotion focused therapy…

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Sarah Huang, MC, RCC

As a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC), mother and wife, I am passionate about strengthening the relationship bond between child and parent, and helping families walk through life’s struggles…

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Darcie Brown, MA, RCC, CCC

I believe that people are designed for connection with others and that they feel pain and confusion when they experience disconnection. My wish as a therapist who works with people of all ages is to create a relationship that invites curiosity…

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Carolyn Kwiatkowski, Admin

Carolyn recognizes the intricacy of life and has learned to embrace the grey, as uncomfortable as that may be at times. She understands from personal experience how caring therapists are instrumental in navigating our complex world and in helping us heal…

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Luna Dogg-Kwee, Emotional Support

I was born on Gary’s farm, then my mom and dad adopted me. I love all living creatures, long walks, rolling in the grass and tasty treats…

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