Working together for women’s empowerment: Strategies for interdisciplinary collaboration in perinatal care

We recently published a peer-reviewed article in The Journal of Health Psychology.

The abstract is as follows:

“Women’s experiences of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum adjustment are often characterized by feelings of disempowerment, trauma, and emotional pain. Psychosocial perinatal care has not kept up with medical advances in perinatal care. Access to psychosocial care appears to be inadequate because of the following: (a) perinatal health care providers are insufficiently prepared to address emotional aspects of maternal care and (b) traditional, compartmentalized psychological services benefit only a subsection of perinatal women, often in an untimely manner. Practical and innovative psychosocial services, integrated into routine perinatal care, can provide widespread access to psychosocial resources for mothers and supports providers in delivering optimal care.”

You may view the full article here.

About Dr. Janelle Kwee

As a Registered Psychologist (BC and WA, USA), Dr. Janelle Kwee has been actively involved since 2006 in training and mentoring future psychologists and psychotherapists through university faculty appointments in graduate professional programs at Wheaton College and at Trinity Western University. Since 2009, she has served on the core faculty of the MA in Counselling Psychology program at TWU in Langley, teaching graduate courses, providing clinical supervision, and maintaining an active program of research.

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