Announcing a New Psychotherapy Group at Altus: Living With Inner Consent


Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one, wild, and precious life?

– Mary Oliver


Living with Inner Consent: An Existential Psychotherapy Group

  • Are you looking for deeper fulfillment and meaning in your life?
  • Do you yearn for greater intimacy with yourself and others?
  • Are you committed to personal and spiritual growth and looking for an intentional step towards this?

If you find yourself saying “yes”, this group may be for you…
We are pleased to announce the formation of a monthly psychotherapy group that is based on psychotherapeutic principles of Existential Analysis. Existential Analysis is an approach to therapy that aims to guide persons to live with inner consent, a felt ‘yes’ to their world, their emotions and relationships, themselves and a meaningful future. It is an approach that emphasizes finding your own position in life, and living this position with authenticity and responsibility. This group is designed for participants who are not currently experiencing significant psychological distress and are in stable life situations, and who are desiring to deepen their journey of personal development. It is ideal for pastoral caregivers, counsellors and psychotherapists, and persons in positions of care for others.

Group Details

  • Meets on a monthly basis on a Friday evening (from 6:30 to 9:00pm)
  • Meets for a duration of 1 year (from March 2020 to February 2021); participants understand that they are making a commitment to the group for this year.
  • Will be open for 6-8 participants
  • Will include personal sharing and support, as well as psychoeducational material and monthly handouts/readings based on Existential Analytic psychotherapy
  • Aims at assisting interested persons in personal and spiritual development in their lives
  • Will be led by two seasoned psychotherapists who have completed extensive training in Existential Analysis and who serve as clinical trainers for the EA Society of Canada.
  • Cost is $190/month per person

For More Information, contact:
Emily Warkentin at [email protected] or 778-668-1906


Derrick Klaassen, Ph.D., R.Psych., is a Registered Psychologist and associate with Altus Psychological Services.  He also serves as an Assistant Professor of Counselling Psychology at Trinity Western University.  He completed clinical training in Existential Analysis, and serves as the chair of the board and as a clinical trainer for the Existential Analysis Society of Canada.  Dr. Klaassen’s psychotherapeutic practice focuses on assisting and accompanying clients who are dealing with a variety of psychological concerns (e.g., anxiety, depression, grief/loss, PTSD, etc.).  He is particularly interested in assisting clients who are seeking personal and spiritual formation in the context of individual and group psychotherapy.  

Janelle Kwee, Psy.D., R.Psych., is a Registered Psychologist in practice at Altus Psychological Services.  She is the Program Director and Associate Professor of Counselling Psychology at Trinity Western University.  Dr. Kwee is a board member and clinical trainer with the Existential Analysis Society of Canada.   In her psychotherapy practice, Dr. Kwee works with all ages and a variety of presenting concerns, drawing on existential analysis and embodied approaches to addressing trauma and promoting personal growth.  She particularly enjoys accompanying clients on their personally soul-searching journeys of living their own lives most authentically. 

About Dr. Alex Kwee

Dr. Alex Kwee is a psychologist registered in both British Columbia and the State of Washington. He co-founded and directs Altus Psychological Services, a group practice located in Langley, BC. He also serves on faculty at Trinity Western University, where he teaches and supervises students in the MA Program in Counselling Psychology.

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