When someone reaches out for counselling it is typically because there is a problem they want to work through, something they hope to change, or an area of their life they desire to grow and develop. My passion is to companion and come alongside people at these junctures in their journey. Counselling is very much a collaborative process. I see my role as creating a therapeutic environment that feels comfortable and safe so clients can explore their inner lives more fully and come to a greater understanding of who they are. For some, spirituality is at the core of this process and, as such, I adopt a faith-affirming stance in my clinical work. My hope is that clients will feel deeply understood, supported, and seen as they engage in this vulnerable and, at times, uncomfortable work.

Although I integrate different modalities of therapy based on the needs of my clients, my approach is grounded in a style of therapy known as emotion focused therapy. This means that I view emotional experience as a central part of the therapeutic process. I believe that tuning into and becoming more aware of our emotional experiences helps connect us with a valuable source of information that is relevant both in therapy and in life. My ultimate hope is to help people towards wholeness; a wholeness that encompasses a full awareness of the human paradox, our gifts and imperfections, our strengths and limitations, and our light and darkness.

I completed my PhD in Counselling Psychology through the University of British Columbia, my MA in Counselling Psychology through Trinity Western University, and my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology through the University of Alberta. My professional experience has involved providing counselling and sport psychology services in community-oriented settings and university health and counselling centers. I work with adolescents and adults who come to counselling with a range of topics or problems including relationship difficulties, struggles with self-esteem or self-worth, body image and eating disorders, grief and loss, current or past abuse, experiences of trauma, and anxiety or mood related concerns. Often clients seek services because of depression, anxiety, or relationship dissatisfaction, and it is not until we begin our work that we identify more specific themes or targets. One of my specialties is working with high performance athletes. My own experience as a former competitive athlete, combined with my sport sciences background and clinical training, position me uniquely to assist athletes with their mental health and wellness. I desire to support athletes not only in the pursuit of mastery in sport but to also help them live meaningful and fulfilled lives throughout and after their athletic careers. I have experience providing sport psychology and counselling services to athletes and teams competing at provincial, national, and Olympic levels. I am a member of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, Canadian Sport Psychology Association, Association for Applied Sport Psychology, as well as in the process of registering as a psychologist with the BC College of Psychologists.


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